If you have questioned yourself, which baby carrier to buy, or what is the best baby carrier for a newborn, we have the answer! The first Love & Carry® ergonomic baby carrier from birth (weighing 3,5 kg) - Love & Carry® ONE+. No more wrapping and tying knots! Fully equipped with fasteners, Love & Carry® ONE+ has all the necessary features for safe and comfortable babywearing. Made from soft woven fabric, this newborn baby carrier has an adjustable ergonomic back panel and two fastening levels for children of different ages.. Love & Carry® ONE+ is a certified and recommended baby carrier by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute.
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It is not only the best soft baby carrier from birth but also the best affordable baby carrier that will serve you for a long time. In this infant baby carrier, it will be comfortable and easy to babywear with weight starting from just 3,5 kg up to 15 kg. Meaning that it is both - best infant baby carrier and the best baby carrier for a toddler. Love & Carry® newborn baby carrier – is the best soft baby carrier for tackling your day-to-day tusks thanks to its easy and functional use. Look out for baby carrier sales on our website to get the best baby carrier price.