Love and Carry® woven baby wrap is a versatile organic woven wrap that allows carrying your little one with comfort from its birth up to 15 kg. The fabric of the woven wrap possesses unique qualities and allows the material to fix baby softly in the physiologically correct position. Due to this, it is the best woven wrap for a newborn as well as an older child. Woven wrap carriers allow all three carrying positions (front, hip, and back), both - safely and comfortably, besides, are less likely to stretch out over time. They are suitable for carrying premature infants, although you should always consult a doctor first. The organic woven wrap provides support for baby’s head and neck.
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Woven wrap sling guarantees full support to both baby and its caregiver. The baby’s weight is distributed evenly on the parent’s back, shoulders and hips. All Love&Carry® cotton woven wraps are machine washable and great for all-season use. The organic baby wrap is not only a functional but also cheap baby wrap sling. Follow our instructions to feel all the advantages of free hands and travelling light! You can buy our woven wraps in 3 colors, available on our website. Look out for the woven wrap sales!