Safety first


There are so many benefits of keeping your little one so close. Babywearing helps baby to feel safe and it cries less. When the baby cries less, mom starts to feel more confident in a new role. When mom feels confident, she’s organized, calm and happy. When there are only good vibes around that couple, there is a feeling that everything goes right.

And baby’s safety is surely the most important part in this story, you know. Before buying a baby carrier, make sure that it is intended to use at your baby’s age. Pay attention to the position of the child in the carrier on a promo photos: the sling should support the child's back in a slightly curved position and baby’s hips from knee to knee, forming physiological M-position. In that position, the baby will have no load on the spine and perineum. When choosing a sling for a newborn, make sure that it will supports baby’s neck and head as well. Do not buy fakes and ‘no name’ slings.

Read the manufacturer’s manual, watch some “how to” videos, practice with a teddy bear first. When placing baby in the baby carrier for the first time, check if he is happy: clean, fed, feels comfortable in his clothes, not sleepy in that moment. After all if you aren’t 100% sure if you did everything wright, consult with a babywearing educator or with manufacture.

Here are some more helpful tips for safe babywearing:

  • altAlways hold the baby with one hand until wrapping is finished or until all buckles are fastened.
  • altWhen learning how to use the carrier, always check yourself with all points of safety tips, which are marked in instructional manual before you go out.
  • altKeep your eye on a baby at all times: it’s face has to be located above the carrier and never covered by any fabric. Chin off the chest, baby sling feels comfortable and supportive for both baby and you.
  • altKeep one hand on a baby when walking through the doors, in the crowd, always watch your step. Be careful and use ice glitz when babywearing in winter time.
  • altNever-ever use your carrier instead of carseat!
  • altForget about doing any potentially dangerous activities while babywearing. Such as cooking (cutting down or preparing food on a hot surface, cleaning house with any chemicals, doing sports (running, jumping, dancing), riding a bike, swimming in the boat etc.