Buckle carriers, (also known as "soft-structured" carriers, or SSC's) are very much like frameless backpacks, with soft padded shoulder straps and a wide buckled waist belt for added support. The designs of Love & Carry® ONE, Primo and AIR X baby carriers meet the standards of International Hip Dysplasia Institute by having the carrier reach to baby’s knees while baby's hips are being spread in physiological "frog-like" position. Love & Carry® ergonomic baby carriers wrap the baby around, providing a nice hold and great support while keeping the baby in a healthy position. Thanks to its snugly fit, a soft baby carrier puts no load on the baby's perineum and lower part of the spine. Due to its features, the Love & Carry® ergonomic baby carrier is an excellent alternative to traditional slings and carriers.
Each buckle carrier has a simple “click and go” idea, which means that it is a super easy baby carrier and is fast to use. Love & Carry® baby carriers – are all comfortable baby carriers that distribute the baby’s weight evenly on the wearer’s torso and help with the little one’s spine and hips development. There are different wearing positions present in every Love & Carry® ergonomic baby carrier. Love & Carry® ergo baby carrier – is the best baby carrier for tackling your day-to-day tusks thanks to its easy and functional use. Look out for baby carrier sales on our website to get the best baby carrier price. For more detail about each specific baby front carrier visit their separate sections on our website. If you have trouble choosing between the baby carriers you can also visit the “COMPARE CARRIERS” section on our website.