Аs your little one fussy for no apparent reason? Does the baby have excessive drooling? Well then, we welcome you to the big bad teething period! Although some children experience minor discomfort throughout this time, others may feel serious discomfort. Their gums feel extremely itchy, due to this, they feel constant need to chew and suck everything that gets in their way! However, there are ways to ease the pain and reduce the fussiness and seemingly unavoidable amounts of drool. Teething pads or drool pads will visibly help you with the cleaning of the carrier and the excessive salivation, as the baby will chew the pads instead of the shoulder straps of the carrier. As for the pain throughout this period, a babywearing necklace is a simple and stylish way to ease the teething pain and entertain your little one at the same time. Even though it is extremely interesting for babies to look around and explore the world around them, they can also get bored every now and then. As it is difficult to entertain your little one 24/7, especially when trying to get something done, it is a good idea to find a distraction. A toy would be a perfect solution. However, it is a bit difficult to have the toy in the carrier. That is one of the main reasons why babywearing necklaces were created. They keep the baby entertained, while simultaneously helping during the teething period.