Love & Carry® Hipseat is an alternative baby carrier designed for toddlers who have already learned to sit on their own. It consists of an ergonomic seat, which attaches to the adult’s waist with a broad velcro belt and is then fixed by a fastex closure. The seating part has an optimal angle of 30 °, which makes it easy to place a child. The carrier includes a removable back, which can be fastened. In this case, parent’s both hands will be free and the weight of the child will be better distributed throughout the body. Pretty often we are asked if there is an ergo-backpack with a world facing position? this positioning in the carrier gives a load on the spine and perineum for smaller babies. However, for older children, who are already sitting on their own, you can harmlessly use a hipseat with an ergonomic seat in a world-facing position without any risk. During short walks use a hipseat without a back for maximum comfort. And when taking longer ones, attach the hipseat’s back following the instructions and enjoy the freedom, while the baby will be close to you ♥
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