Winter babywearing coat 3 in 1 is warm outerwear, in which it is as comfortable to carry a child in a carrier as throughout a warmer season because the baby doesn’t need to have a winter jumpsuit underneath. Under the babywearing coat, the mother warms the baby’s tummy with her own warmth, and an additional warming layer of the carrier provides a great deal of warmth to the baby’s back. Winter babywearing coat is a great multi-functional thing, designed for temperatures from +5 to -20 ° C. Love & Carry® winter babywearing coat is made from high-quality modern materials and has a lot of well-thought-out details so that the child and the mother will be kept warm and comfortable while walking, even on a frosty snow day. We use lightweight modern insulation - holofiber, an environmentally friendly substitute for natural down, in our babywearing jackets.
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Winter babywearing coat can be also worn throughout all stages of pregnancy by using special maternity insert. By removing a separate insert and relaxing the lacing you can turn the babywearing jacket into a regular winter down jacket, in which it will be extremely comfortable to walk by yourself or with the baby in the stroller. It can be used with any type of carrier fitting the baby, from infancy to toddlerhood. There is no need to buy a jacket only for your pregnancy period! Love & Carry winter babywearing coat is a 3 in 1 product - a regular down jacket, a babywearing jacket, and a coat for pregnant women. A sophisticated and functional thing that will last for years! For protection from wind, rain, and cold in early spring and autumn, we advise you to purchase our demi-season winter babywearing coat, insulated with Thermoloft 100. Please read our recommendations on how to babywear in the wintertime in the FAQ section of our website.