Love & Carry® Stretchy baby wrap is made of special weave and density knit fabric that stretches good across its width and a little across the length. Such elasticity makes the use of the wrap much simpler, that’s why stretchy wrap is more often recommend to beginner babywearers.

Wrap is soft to a newborn baby’s delicate skin; it is made of 100% cotton fabric. This is a one-size-fits-all sling that is designed to fit a parent of body type. Learn a set of wrapping ideas with the help of our video instructions and carry babies with love!

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Love & Carry® woven baby wrap is a versatile wrap that allows carrying your baby with comfort from its birth up to 15 kg. The specially woven fabric of the baby wrap possesses unique qualities and allows the material to fix baby softly in physiologically correct position. Woven baby wrap guarantees a full support to both a baby and its caregiver. The baby's weight is distributed evenly on the parent's back, shoulders and hips. Follow our instructions to feel all advantages of free hands and traveling light!