Our story


Love & Carry story begins at the time our little daughter Leah was born. Since that time, both me and my husband Alex felt the power of babywearing. Wrapped, cuddled in a sling, our baby girl was happy and calm. Leah cried much less than before. It was such a relief! Since the time I tried first sling, I felt more confident in a new Mother’s role. Alex also liked the idea of babywearing and carried Leah in different baby slings.

And none of them was perfect for us. So one day we decided to create our first Love & Carry carrier. We studied a lot about infant growth stages, healthy hip development, breastfeeding and other related to babywearing topics. By the time we had our first sling in our hands, we were confident that we were moving in the right direction.

Today Love & Carry® products meet world standards of quality and are sold all over the world. We keep creating, learning and teaching. We totally love what we do. Having two toddlers in our family we believe in power of babywearing even more than ever