Baby carriers

Don’t know which baby carrier to choose or where to buy a baby carrier? AIR X baby carrier physiologically supports the baby’s hips from knee to knee and keeps the spine slightly round. This designer baby carrier enables a healthy position for the baby’s development.

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Love & Carry® AIR X is also extremely comfortable summer baby carrier with a hood and a breathable mesh back panel. It perfectly distributes the weight of the child and is recommended to parents for the prevention of back pain.

This easy-to-use baby carrier is designed for children from 4 to 36 months, weighing from 7 to 20 kg. Baby carrier’s cost is 100% worth the price as it will be your greatest help even when your little one is 2-year plus. Due to this, it is not only the most comfortable baby carrier for smaller babies but also the best toddler baby carrier.

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Love & Carry® AIR X is a cheap and functional baby carrier that can be used for babies 4 months plus. It is also machine washable, has "X" and "H" shoulder straps options and a small zippered pouch for storage.