Love & Carry® stretchy baby wrap perfectly supports the newborn. Soft natural fabric of the stretchy wrap sling wrapped in 3 layers snugly holds the baby. The stretchy baby wrap’s price is more than worth the cost, as you will create timeless memories with your little one while wearing it. The stretchy baby wrap supports the natural curves of an infant and helps in its overall development, being the best stretchy baby wrap right after birth. The stretchy wrap sling is made of 100% cotton fabric that feels good on the skin. The stretchy wrap is suitable for carrying premature infants (however, you should always consult a doctor first!)
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The best stretchy wrap for newborns helps them cry much less: they feel secure being close to their parent. Stretchy wrap sling also helps a new parent to feel more confident in the new role. The stretchy wrap for newborns helps to relieve pain with colic, while also reducing the risk of postpartum depression, as close contact with the baby increases the level of oxytocin, one of the "happy hormones". Babywearing is incredibly helpful in integrating your baby into your day-to-day life. You can bond with your little one, breastfeed comfortably and still get your everyday stuff done. Functional and cheap stretchy baby wrap will serve as a great help and a great attribute for bonding. Watch our how-to videos to know how to wrap your baby easily.