Love&Carry ® Meh Dai is a simple and comfortable sling, designed for carrying babies from 4,5 kg (2 m) up to 15 kg. This meh dai baby carrier has super simple use with a great look. The meh dai carrier distributes baby’s weight evenly on parent’s shoulders and hips and makes babywearing easy. Stylish whimsical print and simple use make this sling both fun and practical choice for busy parents.
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Meh dai provides two carrying positions: front (facing in) and a back carry. Meh dai baby carriers help with the early development of little ones by providing an ergonomic M-position for the hips and keeping the spine in a natural J-shape. Meh Dai slings are machine washable and fit all sizes. They unite look and function helping parents on their tough but beautiful journey. At the same time, the baby feels safe and supported resting in a meh dai being so close to its parent.